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OktoPOS is the pioneer of electronic menu cards.  We have been providing this technology to restaurants and hotels since 2010.  Customers browse and select their requirements.  The orders are sent directly to the kitchen.

Items that are no longer available can be deactivated with the kitchen terminal.  Different menu cards can be activated for different days and different times (breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.)  Different menu cards can be defined for areas, e.g. restaurant, bar, take away etc.

Advantages for Customers and Operators



  • More information

  • Article photo

  • Article description

  • Allergen information and filter

  • Nutrition values

  • Multi-lingual

  • Orders go directly to the kitchen

  • Simple re-ordering e.g. drinks

  • Preparation selection

  • Combo menus

  • Service call


  • The acceptance of electronic menus has increased in recent years.  92% of customer rate the OktoPOS E-menus “excellent”.

  • Guest feedback

  • Complete Surveys

  • Order accuracy


  • Update of menus with the touch of a button

  • Reduce labour cost.  Higher average check and faster table turns.

  • Simple listing and de-listing of articles

  • Listing of seasonal offers

  • On demand ordering boosts sales

  • Cross selling (wine recommendations, etc.)

  • More re-orders (drinks, dessert, etc.)

  • Change of menu card profiles with the touch of a button (dinner card, weekend card, etc.)

  • Integration of information and promotion (photos, texts, website, etc.)

  • No more printing cost of menu cards

The menu cards are equipped with a rechargeable battery and are connected to the local WiFi.

Orders are transferred over a mini-server to the kitchen. The kitchen-monitors and printers are connected to the local network (LAN).