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Comfortable standing shoes

Noak model of work shoes is one of the most appropriate shoes for long hours of standing. This is due to its ergonomic design, its inner lining and its insole, which offers better foot perspiration.  

If there is something we must take care of when it comes to being comfortable in our working day is the footwear, for this reason, we present the Noak shoes to work stying for many hours. This is a very comfortable model of work footwear, thanks to its ergonomic and lightweight design. In addition, it includes a replaceable insole that helps the foot breathe better and an internal lining that allows the foot to dry faster. On the other hand, the fact that it is not necessary to adjust them by means of laces, but that they have a double elastic system that makes these shoes for working on foot adapt and hold perfectly to the shape of the foot, also helps to provide more comfort. Finally, their innovative, Nordic and minimalist design makes them a very easy to combine with any style of work footwear.  

Available in black & white.

Technical Specifications

  • Ergonomic design
  • Microfiber-based upper
  • CoolTech™ lining, a soft technical fabric that favors the rapid elimination of moisture
  • Integrated silicone insole
  • Antibacterial X-Cell sole made of latex-free EVA and non-slip NBR free of toxic substances
  • No laces
  • SRC anti-slip sole
  • Pronation: neutral tread
  • Type of heel: neutral (3 cm)
  • Resistance to liquids: waterproof
  • Resistant to dry heat up to 50 degrees (ambient temperature)
  • Excellent resistance to aging
  • Easy to clean


It is recommended to wash by hand with soap y water. If the use of washing machine is needed, use a short program with cold water (max. 30º). Do not spin dry. To dry, do not use dryer or expose to a heat source. To maintain the performance of the anti-slip sole, clean it daily with soap and water. Regularly check the thickness and relief of the sole. 

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