Available in white, black, enclosed-white & enclosed-black.

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Breathable work clogs Thor + offer maximum comfort

The main difference between Thor Plus work clogs y Thor slip-resistant clogs is that Thor Plus clogs have closed ventilation holes, which makes them more airtight. Nevertheless, it is still a very comfortable, safe y resistant shoe for professional use.

If we work in an environment with a lot of liquids y complicated surfaces, it is recommended that we have anti-slip, safe, resistant y comfortable footwear, y these are precisely the characteristics that define Thor Plus work clogs. They are very suitable for professions such as chefs y cooks, as they are hermetically sealed, adapt perfectly to the shape of each foot, have a protective layer y an SRC anti-slip sole. In addition, these work clogs fit y hold perfectly to any foot, thanks to their rear grip y front arch support, which also provides great stability when walking.  

Available in white, black, enclosed-white & enclosed-black.

Technical Specifications

  • Ultra-lightweight y ergonomic design
  • Rounded toe that allows toe mobility
  • Relief on the sole that stimulates blood flow y circulation, Antibacterial
  • Ventilation holes, designed to prevent liquid filtration
  • Product 100% latex-free EVA
  • Adaptable y foldable grip strap
  • Certified according to EPI regulation (EU) 2016/425 Anti-slip sole SRC according to ISO 20347
  • Sole that cushions each step, provides a feeling of relief in feet, knees y back
  • Pronation: neutral footing
  • Technical heel: greater stability y high shock absorption
  • Heel type: neutral (3 cm)
  • Energy absorption in the heel
  • Resistance to liquids: waterproof
  • Cold sterilizable with Ultra Violet Rays, Gamma Rays y Hydrogen Peroxide Easy cleaning
  • Made in Spain


It is recommended to wash by hy with soap y water, If the use of washing machine is needed, use a short program with cold water (max. 30 º), Do not spin dry, To dry do not expose to a heat source, To maintain the performance of the non-slip sole, clean it daily with soap y water, Regularly check the thickness y relief of the sole. 

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