Scan the QR code // Click the link // Connect to WiFi.
Works with iOS and Android. No app or download involved. Connect and order in under a minute. No registration is required. Making Mobile Order and Pay easy and simple to use.
The connection is instant and you are presented with a fully branded experience. Order food and drink at the convenience of your own table, seat or bedroom. Walking an 18 hole golf course? Not a problem. Perfect Reception will also send your location so the buggy knows where to drop that bacon sandwich off too.
Flexible payment options via the customers own mobile phone or share the payment to anyone in the world via WhatsApp, SMS or email.
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Meet Perfect Reception

Convert your customers own phone into a food and drink ordering device. Cost effective. Scalable across restaurants, golf courses and hotel groups.

Looks like an app behaves like an app
It is not an app though and this is important. 69% now say no to apps. We don’t want them but we do want a slick and quick service.
Cost Effective
Scale across your business quickly and effectively
Perfect Reception does not require expensive hardware to get up and running. This allows it to be scaled to any size. Whether that be bedrooms or tables, feel confident that Perfect Reception will support your growth
Easy to Use
Removing barriers to use
Designed and developed in a hotel for hotels and restaurants. We have listened to consumer advice and built a product that will enhance your offering.

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Increase revenue opportunities
Upselling and impulse offers
We are more likely to order more if left to our own devices. Perfect Reception will present upgrade options during the purchase process to increase the customer spend. Let Perfect Reception soft sell to the customer without them realising it.
GDPR compliant
Built with data security in mind
Perfect Reception does not store any sensitive information. Any information taken and used during the transaction, then destroyed.
Cloud-hosted software
Which means no installations
Our developers are very clever and further development is constantly improving the offering. We listen and implement, quickly and efficiently.


Our friendly team will hold your hand during set-up. We offer a personal service that will have you up and running in no time at all.


Changing the face of EPOS. Smarter, easier to use. More flexible and intuitive.

Providing smarter and flexible payment options
Pushing the standards of exceptional service through contactless guest services. EPOS is not tied to a till point or tablet. Use it anywhere at any time.
Cost effective
From only £49 per month
EPOS does not require expensive hardware or licences per device. One licence can be used across your business on multiple devices at the same time.
Easy to use
Browser based and can be used on any device
Developed to fix a hole in the market for an EPOS which will allow your business to flex. Flexible solutions will help your hotel, restaurant, bar, pub or theatre recover.

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Increase revenue opportunities
One system tied to mobile order
Perfect Reception is the most comprehensive solution on the market today. Having your EPOS as part of of the same solution makes it powerful and smart.
GDPR compliant and ISO27001 ready
Require compliance to be at the heart of your business?
Perfect Reception has a stronghold on the data retained. Everything is encrypted. That said it does not retain anything sensitive. All data is used for the purpose it has been provided, then destroyed.
Cloud-hosted software
No special hardware, no install required.
Access your EPOS from anywhere in the world on any device. Make changes or take a payment anywhere.

Accessible 24/7 from anywhere

Cloud-based software that gives your business a smart edge on your competitors.

Admin access allows you to control who can see what and when. Your chefs and catering team can make menu items not available when they run out. Add a specials board, unique deals just for room service or times of the year. If you are a hotel, set your kitchen opening hours and make certain items available 24 hours. This will satisfy the midnight munchers.

Add more rooms and tables as and when you want. Grow quickly or slow. Perfect Reception is very flexible. It is designed this way. Its owners live and breathe hospitality. The pain points have been understood and this is the end result. Perfect Reception will work in your business to iron out the issues there are around servicing table and room service.

The reporting suite is monitoring all activity and allow you to drill down into the performance of what is selling and what isn’t. How long service is taken. It allows you to set your own performance values which it will monitor and allow you to report on.

Add and edit food/drink items from anywhere at any time.

Control what is available to the customer using then kitchen opening hours and the availability switch.

Midnight munchies? Set this per item.

Create promotional items and specials.

Stop printing menus and reduce your printing costs.

Scale up tables/rooms in seconds.

We even service the golf course and driving ranges.