Perfect Reception in the media

Outsourcing gives short-staffed businesses a hand to deliver – Sunday Business Post, 2 July
In a time of labour shortages and staffing issues, outsourcing can give companies access to capabilities, facilities and quality that is perhaps not otherwise accessible or possible.

Hotels innovate in recruitment to cope with soaring bookings – Irish Examiner, June 24

Hospitality expert says hotels are very busy, but their staff shortages are putting pressure on their quality of service.

Perfect Reception picks up UK growth plan – Irish Independent, December 12

Perfect Reception, a Co Cork-based call centre service for the hotel industry, has entered the UK market as it targets further international growth into Portugal. The company, which entrepreneur Jim McCoy set up in 2017, handles calls for and supports around 100 hotels, including some of Ireland’s most prestigious.

Perfect Reception – A Welcome Addition to the Hospitality Industry – Hotel & Restaurant Times, September 30

“Front desk staff in hotels particularly are really under pressure,” said Jim McCoy, CEO of Perfect Reception.  “They simply can’t answer the phones because they are just too busy.  The priority is always to deal with the customer physically at the desk, but if you have someone standing in front of you at check in, two phones ringing and an in-house guest ringing down to book a spa treatment, dinner, or breakfast you simply can’t answer calls.”