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Outsourcing with Perfect Reception is an effective method to grow your business. Minimal investment affords your business an opportunity to draw on specific skills, services and experience when you need them. At Perfect Reception our outsourcing services are flexible and scalable, allowing you to be proactive to changes within your business or environment.

Don't miss out on revenue opportunities.

Telephone Answering

On average, hotels miss up to 40 calls a day, and every missed call represents a missed revenue opportunity. Every call is professionally answered by our highly trained staff. Whether you need us to monitor calls full time, at specific times of the day, or (our most popular option) overflow. Perfect Reception will handle calls according to your instructions and tailor a package around your needs.

How it works

Call Overflow Management

Call Forward on no Answer – we will liaise with your telephone maintenance company to enable and configure this option. The most popular configuration is when you do not answer a call within 20 seconds then the call forwards to our call centre team.

Knowledge base/Ticket Management Software
We provide you with your own customised online Ticket Management Software. Our team has a knowledge of your business backed up by a comprehensive, searchable knowledge base. If our team does not have immediate answers, they raise a ticket on your Ticket Management Software for your personnel to deal with. Tickets generate an email which can be routed to individuals or departments depending on your requirements. Once a ticket has been dealt with, the staff member closes the ticket so you know the issue has been completed.

What is the cost
There are no contracts. There is a one-off set up fee and we charge per call received. We provide monthly reports with KPI’s and a full audit trail.

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Never miss another booking

Central Reservations Management

  • Never miss another room sales opportunity
  • Reservations are taken either on your PMS or website
  • Every call is professionally answered by our highly trained team who act as a seamless extension of your front-of-house team
  • Our team has in-depth knowledge of hotel spa, golf, conference and food & beverage business
  • All calls are recorded and full KPI’s provided
  • Holistic approach – we work to your requirements
  • 7 day operation
Consumers visit 38 websites before booking

Live Chat

Live Chat – powered by Perfect Reception

  • Speak to live operators
  • Available on all social media channels
  • Drive Direct Bookings
  • Reduce OTA fees
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Virtual Concierge – Improve the Guest Journey

What is Live Chat?

  • Live Chat is Live Support by Live Operators (Humans)
  • Enables you to create REAL connections with every guest
  • Answer all questions not redirected back to the property
  • 100% Support for your business
  • Backed up by a Superior conversational A.I Platform

Why do you need Live Chat?

  • According to Expedia, consumers visit 38 websites before booking
  • Live chat provides superior engagement
  • Bookings can be performed by the Live Agent
  • Reduce OTA
  • Make your website STAND OUT vs your competitors
  • Frees up your team – increase productivity
  • Engage with your guest before, during and after their stay
Reputational Management Solution

Elastic Hotel

  • End to End Reputational Management Solution
  • Best-in-class revenue operations
  • Revenue Optimisation
  • Distribution and pricing management
Customer retention, build unique lasting relationships with your guests

Loyalty 365

  • Since Covid people prefer the ‘human touch’ and want to speak to people rather than being ‘bombarded’ with deals & offers: like your competitors.
  • We contact and speak to your customers on a continuous basis, not ad hoc or yearly.  Wed o this every day, every week and every year.  No one can offer this commitment 365, year on year.
  • Each customer is thanked for their loyalty and offered the latest exclusive offers for your hotel.
Manage all enquiries and convert into genuine leads for your Sales teams.

Lead Management

Sales in any business is a game of cat and mouse. Without a sales
strategy, you can lose business and allow yourself to get distracted by the
latest CRM platforms, tricks and techniques instead of focusing on the
basics that could make a real difference to your bottom line.

One of the basic drivers of leads is the phone. Long delays in answering
and not calling clients back means they will go elsewhere. In fact many
people let those callers go to voicemail, hoping they will leave a message
and still be interested in doing business whenever they receive a call back ,
in the current market nobody can take that chance. Simply put, a missed
call is missed revenue and that is a cost nobody can afford.

We assist you with filtering your social media enquiries into genuine leads for your sales team and managing your overflow calls.

In short, we are your ‘Safety Net’ for any calls that are not picked up by your team and we create genuine leads for your sales team

How it works:

  • You operate as normal and continue to take all your calls
    In the event of a ‘spike’ in call volume or an unplanned staffing
    shortage we pick up the calls that are missed
  • All social media enquiries are filtered into genuine leads for your team saving you valuable time
  • Unlike other CRM modules on the market we phone all
     and convert into genuine leads
  • There are no contracts, no monthly fees
  • You just pay per call
  • All calls are recorded and a breakdown of calls will be provided to you
  • We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Peace of mind for you that all business opportunities are being
Let us uncover prospects that fit your ideal customer profile.

Sales / Lead Generation

At Perfect Reception we ‘Turn Lookers into Bookers‘. All social media enquiries are contacted by our highly skilled customer agents who request the desired information you wish, converting those enquiries into genuine leads for your sales teams.

Outbound sales campaigns, regardless of volumes are performed within your time frames to ensure maximum results.

Sales in any business is a game of cat and mouse.  Without a sales strategy, you can lose business and allow yourself to get distracted by the latest CRM platforms, tricks and techniques instead of focusing on the basics that could make a real difference to your bottom line.

We assist you with filtering your enquiries into genuine leads for your sales team and managing your overflow calls.

Retaining existing customers.

After sales / Customer care

At Perfect Reception, we understand that the cost of gaining new customers is substantially higher than the cost of retaining existing customers. At Perfect Reception, we work to engage and delight your customers.

Our highly skilled customer agents and advanced software solutions enable you to provide a seamless, high-quality experience across the customer journey, to improve satisfaction and drive revenues.

We can continue to engage on your behalf with customers and where possible, leverage the insights gained from previous stays, to generate repeat bookings and build on the relationship with your brand.  Depending on your needs, we can cross sell to other properties in your group, or integrate with your advertising campaigns to ensure visibility with your audience across traditional and social media.

Make sure your staff are saying and doing what they are paid to do.

Mystery Shopping

Lasting impressions require a level of customer service that consistently exceeds expectations.

Our Mystery shopping process will tell you exactly about the level of service and standards in your property providing you with invaluable feedback for you and your team.

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