Perfect Reception: What is the real cost of missed calls?

In Hospitality your phone is your lifeline to current and potential customers. Your phone is
what brings the business in and what helps keep business coming in. One average, Irish
hotels miss 100 – 140 calls each week.

Hotels miss calls.

Even the most seasoned of Hoteliers will admit that missed calls are an ongoing problem,
either due to ‘spikes in call volumes ‘or personnel shortages, either way a missed call is
missed revenue.

The impact of missed calls on a hotel.

It is difficult to quantify what the real cost is but in challenging times like these, it is a cost
you simply cannot afford. Simply calculated at 100 calls a week, 30% being rooms related
you could potentially be missing out on €3k per week at least. Can you afford to lose €150k
per annum?

Perfect Reception gives you peace of mind.

At Perfect Reception we ensure no calls to your property are missed, we process room
reservations and hotel personnel are immediately notified of any calls.

No Contracts.

There are no contracts, no weekly / monthly financial obligations, you simply pay for each
call we take. In the event of another lockdown, we ensure no calls are unanswered to your
property regardless of volume. We operate 7 days a week 365 days a year. Remember a
missed call is missed Revenue.

How can I find our more information?


Call: (086) 7735639 / +353 217 355 500

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