Protect your bottom line by outsourcing your costs

Never have saving costs been more vital to protecting your bottom line.


2020 has and continues to be a challenging year for all sectors of Hospitality, but despite everything, customer service is still the name of the game. This fact represents both a challenge for hotels to achieve and an opportunity that hotels can benefit from.

The challenge, of course, is in controlling costs at a level which does not comprise on the level of product and service. It is as true in hospitality as it is in any industry: bad service and poor property presentation will lose you customers.

The opportunity, however, is somewhat unique to hospitality, as there are available resources that can assist hospitality businesses at very little cost whereas the opportunities are substantial. Outsourcing missed calls to perfect Reception is one such ‘win’ where at an average cost of €12k per annum a standard 100 bed property could save themselves up to €150k a year in lost business. Hotels and business in general miss calls, it is a fact, whether it is caused by personnel shortages or spikes in call volume it happens, and every instance is a missed revenue opportunity.

I have outlined some cost saving solutions below and look forward to  assisting you with your cost management initiatives in 2021 and beyond.

John O’Grady
Email:     086 773 5639

Perfect Reception

  • On average 120 calls are missed by Irish hotels
  • each week30% of these calls are reservation calls, even if apply a 50% conversion the following applies:
  • 30% of 120 weekly calls = 40 calls – 50% = 20 calls per week.
  • Did you know? Our overflow calls service can also reduce your OTA commission bill by over €12k per annum
20 €1,600 €600 €2,200 €114,400

Perfect Mobile Order & Pay

  • Safer environment for both customers and staff
  • Faster ordering, increasing table turnaround by up to 20% per sitting
  • Less wastage, saving you at least 1% on F&B gross profit margins
  • No walkouts, no mistakes, customers pay using their mobile phone.
  • Opportunities to upsell F&B plus other hotel facilities
Savings Per Year
GP Margins 10,000
Table Turnarounds 30,000
Walkouts 2,500
Mistakes on bills 3,500

Perfect Trust: Credit card – Payment Gateway

  • Saving you up to €5,000 per annum on your credit card Fees

Perfect Criton – Guest Hotel App – Guests check in/out order everything on their phone, book rooms for return stays 

  • Increasing individual guest revenue up to additional spend of €22 per guest