What is Mobile Order and Pay?

Over 75% of people use their mobile phones in restaurants.

As a result of the worldwide disruption to our business ‘Covid-19 will prove to be the biggest
driver of fundamental changes in the way we operate now and in the future. Your customers are
already using their phones, would it not be better to let them use their phones to browse through
your menus, order & pay.

Introducing Concierge: Order and Pay at Table

Using a branded webpage there is no need to download an app. This technology allows bar and
restaurant patrons to order food and drinks and pay using their mobile phones, no need to touch
shared payment devices or handle dirty notes. With reduced capacity this new technology will
enable a faster turnaround of tables and minimise social contact.

Act now

Now, is the time for action and to launch your digital services to give your customers peace of
mind and get your business off to the best possible start now and for 2021.
Does I need to replace my software? No, it integrates with your EPOS / PMS
What does it cost? You pay for set up only, no monthly fees thereafter
Who can I speak to and find out more information?

Website: https://www.reception.ie/services/#mobileorder-service

Email:  john@reception.ie

Phone: 086 7735639 / +353 217 355 500

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